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is home of revolutionary (some call them "Nearly Miraculous") solutions for (literally) cleaning up our environment and doing ourselves and the plants we love to grow (and eat) a 
H-U-G-E favor. And we do it safely, cleanly, naturally, extremely affordably, and (we're told by those who use our products) better than anything people have used before. Discover why.
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What would YOU call them?
We have heard our products called a lot of things (all good, of course) by consumers. (Competition? Not so much . . . at least what they want quoted.)

But with so many things to be said about them, we are wondering what YOU would say about them. Click here and see what YOU come up with as an answer!
Quick Look

It probably looks something like this.

Recognize this? You should! This little fella is actually tinier than a virus, but it is cleaning up the environment without toxic chemicals or harmful enzymes and revolutionizing gardening and agriculture like nothing you've ever seen before -- safely, effectively, and, according to some,
almost miraculously.  . . . more

The tree that sparked a revolution

Ever see a tree that belonged in the Smithsonian Institute? You are looking at one now. Not because of anything the tree did by itself. But because of what happened as a result of an experiment carried out either by a rare visionary or a very desparate homeowner. Or both. The transformation of this tree in response to the application of, of all things, a very unique SOAP has become the basis for a revolution sweeping gardening and agriculture around the world where the results are seen as nothing short of miraculous! All without toxic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or petro-chemical derivatives -- safely, efficiently, and affordably like nothing you have ever seen before!
  . . . more

The Tale of Two Tomatoes

They were twins, actually. Born on the same day. Borne on the same stem. Same environment growing up. Treated exactly the same in the outside world. Same loving adoptive parents when they left the vine.

But they had two very different destinies.

One stayed fresh and wholesome. The other became rotten to the core.
As their lives neared an end, one was cherished and enjoyed. The other was sadly discarded.
What made the difference?

Can such tragedies be avoided in the future?  . . . more
Whether one has been "chemically free" for years or just now trying to climb on to the wagon, the reasons are sound, and the challenges are many.

Often times the biggest hurdles are not the ignorance and apathy of the public. It is quite often that we just don't know where to turn and what our options are.

Since the problem is not going away by itself, we need resources that we can use NOW that will not cost us our or our children's futures.
All products in the CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM family, are powered by Powered by QuantumMaxx(tm)QuantumMaxxTM, a proprietary Nano Colloidal Solution containing processed extracts of natural plants such as Almonds, Coconut, Corn, Grains, Sugar Cane, and Tree Sap in a colloidal micelle base. These solutions provide answers on the quantum physics level. The micelles are so small (.000.000,001 cm), billions could be placed on the point of a needle. Tiny as they are, they are attracted to oil, grease, cellular lipid proteins, and other hydrocarbon molecules -- the basis for all the nasties clinging to your fruits and vegetables. Billions of the micelles surround individual oil and other unwanted molecules and separate them. Once separated, they encapsulate them in a "prison cell" of microscopic water droplets (all bearing the same electrical charge so that they repel one another) which can then be easily rinsed away.

Bottom line? For cleaner foodstuffs, for fresher taste, for longer lasting produce, CleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie Bath!TM is the safe, effective, and economical answer for your food preparation needs.
The CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM Family of Products is a available right here, right now. They are formulated, processed, and packaged right here in the good ol' U. S. of A., from botanical products extracted from renewable plants grown right here. They are variations of a formula which sparked an agricultural revolution. Safe, gentle, but extremely powerful at what they do, they are available in concentrated form for diluting/premixing as well as "RTU" (Ready To Use) in quarts, quart sprayers, gallons, 4 gallon packs, and, for commercial operations, in 55 gallon drums, and 250 gallon "totes". 

While a 1 quart RTU spray bottle is very convenient and one of the recommended ways to dispense the product, it is not as economical as buying a higher concentrate and mixing with chlorine-free water. Pound for pound, container for container, shipping weights are the same whether purchasing a concentrated or diluted product. Where one ounce of concentrate can be mixed on site with equal or higher amounts of good water, it makes better sense to buy the concentrate and pay shipping and container costs once rather than multiple times.

Suggestion for New Accounts. On your initial order, select a case of RTU quarts and/or sprayers to obtain the applicator bottles. Then, on subsequent orders, save $$ with the economical gallon sizes. Or acquire your own applicator bottles and buy the concentrate.  Either way, you save, and your fruits and vegetables and family all win!
Application of our products is straight forward and safe.

You will find helpful hints and information on this site to help you maximize the benefit of these amazing solutions.

If you dilute and mix your own RTU solutions (recommended and extremely cost effective, we strongly suggest that you do so with chlorine-free water. Along with being safer and healthier for you and your plants, there are some practical reasons we will explain elsewhere on the site.
We will give you cost breakdowns from bulk down to the applied ounce for each product
so that you can make the best choice for your buying needs.

You will find that, along with being safer and more effective than anything you have ever tried before,
the CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM products are more economical than others commercially available,
both in terms of acquisition costs, productivity results,
and complete lack of present or long term harm to the environment you occupy.

Product Family
CleanPlantsHappyPlants SOS Soil Optimization Shampoo(tm) Soil ConditionerCleanPlantsHappyPlants Awake-N Upstart SBR(tm) Seed StimulatorCleanPlantsHappyPlants Citrus Save-R(tm)CleanPlantsHappyPlants Citrus Blanket(tm)CleanPlantsHappyPlants RSVP Plant Scrub(tm) Initializer/BoosterCleanPlantsHappyPlants RSVP Plant Wash(tm) Stabilizer/MaintainerCleanPlantsHappyPlants Lux Law-N(tm) Turf ConditionerCleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODG Organic DeGreaser(tm)CleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODG2 Organic DeGreaser(tm) Commercial/Military StrengthCleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie Bath(tm) Produce Wash

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Yeah, we know. Plants don't talk, don't have feelings, and don't express emotions.  But it's a cool metaphor anyway. Besides, it got your attention, didn't it?  And once you see the amazing differences enjoyed by seeds, plants, root systems, soils, and produce washed with our totally safe botanically based products, you, at least, will be smiling. You'll go from Grumpy Gardener to Happy Harvester like all the rest of our customers.

FYI:  No animals are ever used or hurt in the testing of our products.  (We test on ourselves instead.)  Like the plants, we're doing great, thank you.
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