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Texas A&M Test Results -- Part 2
Results? YES!  But WHY?

Results from testing recently conducted by a division of Texas A&M University in Weslaco, Texas, seem to indicate that two 100% botanically derived nano-colloidal agricultural soaps may prove as effective in the battle to control citrus greening as a leading petroleum derived pesticide – without the side effects or liabilities  but in ways radically different than one might think!
Powered by QuantumMaxx(tm) proprietary 100% botanically derived nano-colloid solutionsCitrus Save-R™ and R.S.V.P. Plant Scrub Initializer/Booster™ are members of a family of products powered by QuantumMaxx™, a powerful proprietary nano-colloid solution blended 100% from botanical extracts. These products dramatically increase the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of soils and plants.

The physical and electro-magnetic properties of these solutions greatly aid plants in making use of available nutrients with zero harm to the plants, the soil, the groundwater, the workers i
n the field, or the consumers Cation Exchange Capacity Dynamicsat home. Their innate CEC helps and enhances the plants’ nutrient systems (the portion targeted by citrus greening).

In field applications around the United States and in several foreign countries, the results have been earlier and faster cycle growth, more robust growth, substantially enlarged root systems, measurably greater yield increases, BRIX test increases as high as 20%, frost resistance to 27O F, and an increased natural resistance to parasitic

It has long been noted that parasites are attracted to unhealthy plants and turned away from those that are hardy. Unhealthy plants manifest more parasite infestations. Hardier routinely have less to none. No doubt this is part of a design in nature to cull the weak and allow the proliferation of the healthy. This natural resistance brought about by the use of the QuantumMaxx™ powered agricultural solutions has enabled a growing number of farmers in numerous locales to produce pesticide-free crops and botanicals – which, along with all the other benefits, has positively affected their overall profitability.
Compare treated and untreated if you like. But there is really no comarison! Treated are better!
Untreated orange is on the left, the treated orange on the right. The QuantumMaxx™ formula treated orange ripened and turned orange on the tree. Note the deeper flesh color of the treated orange.
Testing on the BRIX test revealed that the treated orange was 20% sweeter
than the other.
Higher levels of natural sweetness are traditionally positive signs of healthier fruit both in the growth and also in the consumption.

Obviously, since Citrus Save-R™ and R.S.V.P. Plant Scrub Initializer/Booster™ are NOT PESTICIDES and can only affect insects directly at time of application, it was the increased health and vitality of the trees, achieved in a remarkably short period of time, which helped the treated citrus trees to become naturally resistant to the psyllids. Since the treated trees were not giving off the signals which normally attract parasites, the numbers present for counting were substantially less than the untreated trees – in reduction percentages rivaling those where neurotoxic poisons had killed the psyllids.Further proof of this phenomenon may also come from a second test conducted at the end of the psyllid trials. Upon examination for Citrus Rust Mites and False Spider Mites, while the mean averages are statistically equivalent, the actual population numbers were significantly different.

For both the CRM's and the FSM's, the R.S.V.P. Plant Scrub Initializer/Booster™ counts were substantially less than the toxic pesticide treated plants. But the Citrus Save-Rhad exactly ZERO of either specie.
Who would have thought something so tiny could cause all that much harm?

Microscopic Citrus Rust Mites and their DamageUntil the Citrus Greening problem came around, CRM's were just about Public Enemy Number One for citrus growers. Measuring only 1/200th of an inch, the lemon colored, wedge-shaped citrus rust mites (CRM) and their eggs cannot be seen without a hand lens. With a life span of only seven to ten days, they have been the bane of citrus growers for years, causing untold millions of dollars in damages. 
Combined TAMU Test Reductions for Citrus Rust Mites & False Spider Mites
As demonstrated by the tests in Weslaco, perhaps the best “cure” for citrus greening or any number of other parasite related maladies is prevention – proactively aiding citrus trees and other plants to resist the onslaught of pests by being naturally robust and healthy so that they are not targeted by disease-bearing and damaging pests in the first place.
Healthy, Pest-Free Oranges are Possible without POISONS!!!
Certified 100% Carcinogen FreeCitrus Save-R™ and R.S.V.P. Plant Scrub Initializer/Booster™ are members of a family of cleaning solutions and specialty products which are
  • 100% botanically derived,
  • 100% carcinogen / mutagen / cytogen free, 
  • 100% biodegradable, 
  • 100% American grown,
  • 100% American blended Proprietary Nano Colloid Soaps.
They are non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-explosive, and non-flammable. They contain no fumes, no vapors, no butyl, no phenol, no chlorine, no petroleum distillates, no nitric acid, no phosphoric acid, no hydrochloric acid, no citric acid, no sulfuric acid, no dioxane, and no  ethylene dioxide. They are harmless to the soil and to groundwater and water systems. They are soaps and are to be respected as soaps, slippery when wet, not to be sprayed in the eyes (mild stinging may occur – flush with water), and for external use only. They are TOTALLY TOXIC FREE, and, used as directed, they are “TOTALLY HAZARD FREE”TM.
     1Citrus Save-R™ and R.S.V.P. Plant Scrub Initializer/Booster™ treatment sprays were applied 7th, 18th, and 26th of August 2009, each at a ratio of one ounce of concentrated product per one gallon of well water at a rate of 200 gallons of mixture per acre, with each treatment replicated three times. Pyrethoid only sprayed once on 07 August 2009 at a rate of 2.4 ounces of toxin per acre.

    2A .pdf copy of the results from the Texas A&M tests is available without charge upon request. Published test results do not necessarily mean endorsement by the university or any of its departments or staff. These results have not been evaluated or endorsed by any agency or department of any government.

    3To maximize the degreasing surfactant effect on plants attacked by insects, applications are best made on days one, four, and seven. The fact that the all natural products were applied eleven and then eight days apart lends further credence to the value of the products as “immunity boosters” for plants as their primary function in obtaining control of adverse conditions.

Get .pdf of the TAMU Test Results Press Release hereA .pdf copy of the results from the Texas A&M tests is available by clicking here.

Published test results do not necessarily mean endorsement by the university or any of its departments or staff. Neither the results nor this article has been evaluated or endorsed by any agency or department of any government on any level.

Citrus Save-R™,  R.S.V.P. Plant Scrub Initializer/Booster™, QuantumMaxx™, CleanPlantsHappyPlants™, and Nearly Miraculous Solutions™ are the exclusive proprietary brands and trademarks of and Pro-active Environmental Technologies.


Copyright 2009 – and CPHP Marketing, LLC. All rights reserved. Permission is specifically and solely granted to copy or publish article only in its entirety.
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