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How are you gonna keep 'em down on the farm . . . ?
Keepin' it fresh even in the heat
How are you going to keep them down on the farm?

The Mexican government has discovered a way --

Help them grow superior crops
WITHOUT toxic chemicals and sprays!

You'd smile, too. How often can the second crop of the season
yield FOUR TIMES what the first crop did?


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Helpless Scenario? Or start of a miracle?

Start with a need to keep your men home with their families so that your culture does not unravel for lack of a husband and father's influence.

Next, understand that commercial fertilizers and poor land management have depleted your growing lands so that crops are marginal at best and the economics of home farming is barely above subsistence.

Introduce CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM growing solutions in
a test that has everything going against it.

And then get blown away with the results.

How are you gonna keep 'em down on the farm . . . ?
Step one --
  • First crop of the season: typical strain of corn.
  • Crop control: conventional pesticides and fertilizers, same old same old.  
  • Yield for the Mexican farmer:  about $100 per acre.
Step two --
  • Back end of the growing season (first crop already out of the field).
  • Plant difficult strain of corn which is a challenge to raise under optimal conditions.
  • Crop control: NO pesticides, NO fertilizers, NO herbicides.  Only a special 100% botanically based soap you can't believe can make a difference.  (But you are desperate, have nothing to lose -- first crop's already harvested), and you really want to put the soap to the test.
  • Eight foot tall (and taller) corn stalks.  Huge difference. (Reference pictures below.)
  • More ears of corn and bigger than anything you have seen come out of the field.
  • Crop hardy enough to resist the typical challenges but with NO TOXIC CHEMICALS.  Just an extraordinary soap solution.
  • Even with everything stacked against it, the CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM treated corn exceeded all expectations. 
  • Yield per acre was FOUR TIMES that of the previous conventional crop!
Bottom line?  The (agricultural) revolution has spread to Mexico, and it is gaining fast!

These photos were taken in Mexico where the CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM Solutions
are now being used as the products of choice for the growth of toxic-pesticide-free crops. The photos of corn at the top are of a treated corn field and can be compared with the untreated cornfields at the bottom. Click on any photo to see enlargement.

One man pictured is Pedro, the gentleman who introduced the product in  Mexico as a non-toxic alternative plant treatment and plant growth stimulant. The other gentleman is the professor at Mexico's leading university who conducted the research.

The corn blessed to be treated with the CleanPlantsHappyPlants Awake-N UpstartTM family of products grew to almost twice the height of the typical full season crop and yielded four times as much.
Not bad for a SECOND crop, short season harvest!

Below -- Typical crop for Mexico (five to six feet high stalks) WITHOUT the benefit of
CleanPlantsHappyPlants Awake-N UpstartTM,
CleanPlantsHappyPlants SOS Soil Optimizing ShampooTM,
CleanPlantsHappyPlants RSVP Plant Scrub Initializer/BoosterTM  or
CleanPlantsHappyPlants RSVP Plant Scrub Stabilizer/MaintainerTM

The Mexican government wants its farmers to grow "toxic-pesticide-free" organic crops for export to the U.S., thus increasing farmers' income enough that the farmers will stay in Mexico rather than migrate to the U.S.
With the
CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM Solutions, this is no longer a dream.  This is fast becoming a reality.

Product Family
CleanPlantsHappyPlants SOS Soil Optimization Shampoo(tm) Soil ConditionerCleanPlantsHappyPlants Awake-N Upstart SBR(tm) Seed StimulatorCleanPlantsHappyPlants Citrus Save-R(tm)CleanPlantsHappyPlants Citrus Blanket(tm)CleanPlantsHappyPlants RSVP Plant Scrub(tm) Initializer/BoosterCleanPlantsHappyPlants RSVP Plant Wash(tm) Stabilizer/MaintainerCleanPlantsHappyPlants Lux Law-N(tm) Turf ConditionerCleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODG Organic DeGreaser(tm)CleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODG2 Organic DeGreaser(tm) Commercial/Military StrengthCleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie Bath(tm) Produce Wash

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