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Combatants in the War Against Citrus Greening
May Have Some New, Safer, All Natural Weapons

A recent test conducted at Texas A&M in Weslaco, Texas,
revealed Asian Citrus Psyllid population reductions
achieved by two
rivaled a leading toxic pyrethroid -- but without the poisonous side effects.
Follow the devastating trail of citrus greening.
From eggs to nymphs to adults, the Asian Citrus Psyllid appears to be the means by which a bacterial disease
is being spread among both domestic and foreign citrus groves which threatens to wipe out the nation's citrus industry in as few as three to five years if left unchecked. Focus so far has been on killing the pest which spreads the malady with applications of seriously toxic pesticides whose long term side effects have still to be measured.
There must be a better way. And now, perhaps, there is.

Citrus Save-R(tm) and R.S.V.P. Plant Scrub Stabilizer/Maintainer(tm)In head-to-head tests with a conventional petroleum derived synthetic pyrethroid, Citrus Save-R™ and R.S.V.P. Plant Scrub Initializer/Booster™, two all-natural, totally non-toxic  nano-colloid agricultural soaps available exclusively from, achieved Asian Citrus Psyllid (ASP) population reduction levels that rivaled the toxic product.  Citrus Save-R™, the stronger of the two safer products, showed substantially higher effectiveness in the beginning but was later matched by the R.S.V.P. Plant Scrub Initializer/Booster™.
Dr. Mamoudou Setamou
In May of 2009, Dr. Mamoudou Setamou, internationally known entomologist and assistant professor at Texas A & M University in Weslaco, Texas, became intrigued with the notion that an all-natural surfactant might be worth testing against a conventional pesticide in looking for a means to control citrus greening. When seasonal conditions favored the expected emergence of fresh flushes – the trigger for psyllid outbreaks – test were conducted1 on “Rio Red” Grapefruit trees in August and into September of this year at the Citrus Center Research Farm, Texas A&M University-Kingsville Citrus Center, in Westlaco, Texas.2
Is THIS the Future of Citrus?

Example of Citrus Greening Fruit Deformity
greening (Huanglongbing or “yellow dragon disease”) is caused by bacteria which attack the nutrient systems of citrus trees, producing fruit that is asymmetrical, thick and heavy skinned, bitter, and commercially useless. Left unchecked, analysts fear that it could totally destroy the annual multi-billion dollar US citrus industry within the next five to ten years.
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With no known cure for citrus greening, the focus has been on controlling population densities of two species of psyllids known to carry and spread the devastating disease. Currently, toxic pesticides, mostly neurotoxic pyrethroids, have been either the weapon of choice or of necessity in that struggle. But it appears that Citrus Save-R™ and R.S.V.P. Plant Scrub Initializer/Booster™ represent a new class of weapons that has been added to the arsenal which achieves similar levels of control but in an entirely different manner altogether. In the long run, it may be more effective. And it assuredly will be safer.

Combined TAMU Test Reductions for ACP Eggs

What made the tests and their results so remarkable was not so much that the resulting reductions were achieved by products derived solely from plants and are certified 100% carcinogen free, 100% mutagen free, and 100% cytogen free – about as “green” as it gets.
Nor was it that the solutions are not in any way pesticides or to be confused with same.

What was truly unique was the way in which the results were achieved.

Combined TAMU Test Reductions for ACP Nymphs

Combined TAMU Test Reductions for ACP Adults

In the field tests conducted under the direction of Dr. Setamou, population reduction counts of ACP eggs, nymphs, and adults on the trees treated with Citrus Save-R™ and R.S.V.P. Plant Scrub Initializer/Booster™ranged in some instances from superior to at least statistically equivalent to those achieved by the licensed toxin.

Conventional insecticides kill pests directly immediately or soon after initial contact at time of application or upon later contact with their poisonous residues. Missing from the scene altogether, insects are not present for population counts conducted in follow up field examinations. The difference between pre- and post treatment counts is used to determine the effectiveness of a particular product or application technique.

These products are 100% NON-TOXIC!Citrus Save-R™ and R.S.V.P.  Plant Scrub Initializer/ Booster are NOT pesticides and are not to be viewed or used as such. They are totally non-toxic proprietery form- ulated nano-colloidal soaps.
As with virtually any soap or detergent, any adverse event experienced by insects occurs only if the insects are exposed to enough of the soap solutions in their liquid form at the time of application.3 The reason is that the powerful degreasing surfactants dissolve the lipid membranes of insects’ cells upon direct fluid contact only, surpassing and overwhelming their hydrophillic and hydrophobic properties. The cells – and the insects – literally drown.

It is a purely physiological (rather than a chemical, neurological, or toxic) response for which insects can never develop mutative immunity.

However, once the liquid soaps have dried – usually in a matter of several hours or less in the field – insects are free to traverse any of the freshly washed plant surfaces with zero ill effect.
Yet in the field tests conducted under the direction of Dr. Setamou, population reduction counts of ACP eggs, nymphs, and adults on the trees treated with Citrus Save-R™ and R.S.V.P. Plant Scrub Initializer/Booster™ranged in some instances from superior to at least statistically equivalent to those achieved by the licensed toxin.

But if the insects are not being KILLED, why were the population counts so dramatically reduced? Understanding WHY the proprietary nano colloids did so well is what makes the results so exciting.
A Radical Difference!
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